Musings from the Hansom Family

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Little Ladies all dressed up...

This is Gracies favorite dress...I am not sure she has taken it off since she got it.

How cute is this little one?!?!

She will make a beautiful about 30 years!!

And Beth and I are sooooo not ready for this.


Everyone loves summer...time for parks, fireworks and just all around general fun.

Hanging out at the Park with Maddux!

Feeding the ducks is fun to do!!

Happy Fourth of July!!!

A lady must wear a hat to keep the sun out of her eyes

Summer Fun!!

Seems that the girls are turning into water babies...We could not get them out of the water!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as they enjoyed having them taken!!!

Hailee and Gracie hangin out!
Super Gracie...
Learning to swim with Uncle Craig
Even Bella likes the water!
Floating away...

Hanging with Andrea